Jewish thought for the workplace

About WJ

As Jews, we are tasked with personal growth and the development of our middos (character traits). We are provided with an abundance of different tools through which we can achieve this.

Of course, Torah will be our primary source for determining our priorities in growth, and the methods we should engage to achieve it. However, it is sometimes helpful for us to look externally: by doing so, we might find those same Torah concepts, but put in a context to which we might more easily relate. We therefore turn to the workplace.

Fortunately, there are a growing number of websites dealing with halachah (Jewish laws and ethics) in the workplace, but few dealing with the hashfakah (mindset) that a Jew should have when engaging the working world. We have many questions that demand an answer, including:

  1. Who is to thank for my job and salary – myself or Hashem?
  2. Does Hashem want me to work? If so, why?
  3. What values can I learn from the workplace? How do I know which ones are worthy of emulating, and which are better left alone?

We hope that this website will prove a valuable tool for beginners and experienced Jews alike. We welcome your own insights and experiences from the workplace and beyond.


The Working Jew.

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