WJ Compact is a new series of short, concise ideas for easy reading in 2 minutes or less. Please read and enjoy. 

There is a fascinating idea in Jewish tradition that likens the Torah to water. But in what way is the Torah really comparable to water?

There are, of course, many answers to this question. Let us explore just one: the idea of a brachah.

And so we must turn to hilchos brachos:

  • Where a person takes a drink of water, not because they want to, but because of some extraneous reason (e.g. to help them swallow a pill), then no bracha rishona is required.
  • By contrast, where an individual is thirsty, where they want the water, where they will enjoy the drink – then they must make a bracha beforehand.

We can now draw a comparison to Torah:

  • Where one learns Torah in a lacklustre way – out of obligation, or like any other secular subject – then they will see no bracha emanate from this pursuit.
  • By contrast, where one learns (or, at least, tries to learn) with cheishek and hasmadah – with a real thirst for emes and a connection with Hashem – then he will certainly see bracha from his learning.

This should be a lesson to us in the workplace. However much we enjoy and are enriched by our jobs (and, to be sure, we should aim to enjoy them!), we must approach Torah on another level entirely. We should strive to set times to close ourselves off from the world – for even a few minutes each morning or evening – and learn with real excitement and dedication. That way, we are sure to see true bracha emanate from our actions, both in the workplace and beyond.

Shabbat shalom!

The Working Jew